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During business hours I can be contacted on 0416 180 207. If I miss your call please leave a message and I will call you back within 48 hours

So that I can provide a high level of support I only take on a limited number of clients each month. This means I book out quickly so if you are thinking about hiring me as your doula please contact me as soon as possible

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What does a doula do?

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A doula provides emotional, informational and physical support during your pregnancy and birth. I know it can sometimes feel like you are 'just another number' in the maternity system. Your appointments may feel rushed and you might feel confused about your options. Who do you call when you have questions about your pregnancy? Who can provide you with judgment free support when you are needing reassurance and advice?
Who will be there to help you and your partner during your baby's birth? A doula does all that!

What is a doula?

  • A doula is a trained support person for pregnancy and childbirth. The word doula is a Greek word meaning"female servant" and has been used to describe a professional birth companion since the 1980's
  • A doula provides continuous support to a woman (and her partner) during their baby's birth and this continuity of support has been shown to increase maternal satisfaction and health outcomes for both the woman and baby [1].
  • Having a doula join your birth team gives you the advantage of an experienced support person who can remain calm and provide unwavering care and attention.
  • A doula does not judge your choices or push an agenda. They provide kind and understanding help.

you might consider hiring a doula if you are:

  • wanting a positive and empowering birth experience
  • looking for the non-judgmental support of an expert in pregnancy and birth
  • feeling overwhelmed by all the unwanted advice and horror birth stories that everyone keeps telling you
  • experiencing fear or anxiety about your baby's birth
  • worried because you had a disappointing or traumatising experience with your earlier births

As your doula I am always just a phone call away when you are having worries about
your pregnancy (no more relying on Dr Google!) or your birth.
My goal is for you to feel confident, supported and prepared for your upcoming birth.
When it is time for your baby to be born I will come when you need me (even at 2am!) and provide hands on support.
I am a calm presence who will help guide you and your partner as you navigate the ups and downs of birth. You will have the benefit of having your very own experienced birth support person who there only for YOU.

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