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So that I can provide a high level of support I only take on a limited number of clients each month. This means I book out quickly so if you are thinking about hiring me as your doula please contact me as soon as possible

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“Amelia is AMAZING. I couldn’t have asked for better support, shoulder to cry on or more patient ears to listen to me in the lead up to an amazingly calm birth.”  Tania

“Amelia's support at the birth of my daughter will never be forgotten. Not a moment went by in the 14 hours she was with us where I wasn't receiving gentle verbal encouragement or supportive touch. Her knowledge about all kinds of births and passion is so evident and she will work with whatever your birth preferences are. I ended up needing an induction and augmentation when things didn't progress. Despite this, my birthing environment remained beautiful, calm and loving and I've walked away feeling really proud of the experience, even though it's not what I imagined or had initially hoped for. My partner was prepared and well researched but having an extra set of hands proved invaluable and he was able to mimic some of Amelia's active and calm birthing methods, as well as get support from her too. Worth every cent, if you are considering a doula - don't hesitate to work with Amelia!” Rachael

Amelia's care and attention were so wonderfully supportive, I couldn't have wished for a better support person during my daughter's birth! She acknowledged and understood my wants, she responded to my needs, and she was a vital part of the team, assisting in the delicate balance of strength and nurturing I needed, and helping to relieve my husband during the long process. I can't recommend her highly enough, I only wish every woman was lucky enough to have an Amelia with them during labour and birth!" Mithra

“I cannot speak highly enough of the loving and dedicated care Amelia Coleman provided at the birth of my third son. As the mother of two premature babies (and two bumpy NICU rides!) I had great hopes of a healing third birth and Amelia was a major contributor to achieving just that, a healing (term!) birth! Amelia’s passion and knowledge of pregnancy, labour and birth comes from the place of a mother who has travelled different birthing journeys herself, her own experience adds to the richness of her skills and expertise as a doula.
For this birth my husband chose to stay with my older children, which meant I was surrounded only by women, it was an amazing way to birth! Amelia was my chosen birth partner and stood in the place of my husband at this birth. It was an incredible experience made possible by Amelia’s wholehearted and loving dedication to my every need, I will never forget her ever encouraging words, her hands on approach and the moments post birth that are forever etched in my memory....being a pillar of strength through waves that are contractions, kneeling cheek-to-cheek under running water during the pushing stage, celebrating a very special moment where my son was able to breastfeed post birth (unlike my preemies) and chatting, laughing and basking together in the post birth glow of adrenaline and oxytocin...till the sun rose!
Thank you Amelia for your loving and unique place in my motherhood journey,
I am forever grateful that our paths crossed.” Rashedah

“Having a Doula at our first birth was by far the best decision we've made. And we are so glad that we chose Amelia. Thank you so much for all you knowledge, wisdom and support during our
pregnancy and birth.” Tristan

“I had the best ever birth experience I could have hoped for. After a traumatic 1st birth I sought out a doula that would assist me in my 2nd birth. I wanted someone to get the very best out of me and encourage me that I had everything inside of me to achieve a great birth. Amelia was so personal and tailored her care to my needs. I had the most amazing birth experience and is something you can’t put a price on. I will have my beautiful memories and experience with me forever. Thank you Amelia you will always have a special place in our family. Your dedication and passion for being a doula changed our lives” Ruth