I can be contacted anytime by filling out the form below or emailing info@theillawarradoula.com.au

During business hours I can be contacted on 0416 180 207. If I miss your call please leave a message and I will call you back within 48 hours

So that I can provide a high level of support I only take on a limited number of clients each month. This means I book out quickly so if you are thinking about hiring me as your doula please contact me as soon as possible

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Doulas and Partners

Doulas and partners
A doula can never replace an attentive, supportive partner. As your doula I am there for the BOTH of you.

Birth is such an intimate event and the loving bond you share should always be front and centre. My presence is there to enhance your experience.

I help support the both of you so that you can be an even better team. I can provide help to your partner by ensuring their needs are met (food, drinks, rest breaks etc) so that in turn they can give you their best.

Sometimes even the most prepared partner can forget everything they learnt in the books or birth class and I can gently suggest different comfort techniques so that they can help you.

One of the great things about having a doula for your birth is the calm presence I bring, because I am not emotionally attached to you in the same way your partner is, I can remain level headed and provide focus if things become difficult or overwhelming.

In our prenatal appointments I get to know what both of your visions for birth are, some partners want to be an active support person while others prefer to be present only. We can develop a plan that ensures both of you are comfortable with my level of support.

Your partner is an expert on you and I am an expert on pregnancy and birth – the combination of us both means you have a perfect team to support your birth!


“Having a Doula at our first birth was by far the best decision we've made. And we are so glad that we chose Amelia. Thank you so much for all you knowledge, wisdom and support during our
pregnancy and birth.” Tristan