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Who is the best Obstetrician in Wollongong?

Amelia Coleman

Pregnant women often ask me for recommendations on local obstetricians, midwives and hospitals. Who is the best midwife? Who is the best obstetrician? Which hospital should I choose?

I love getting asked these questions because it shows that the person is putting thought into their decision.

Of all the choices you will make during your pregnancy and birth, your choice of care provider and birth location will be the single most significant factor in your birth experience.

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So, why are women hiring doula's anyway?

Amelia Coleman

Ten years ago if you had heard someone say they hired a doula for their baby’s birth you might have assumed they were having a home birth and were a hippie. That’s who hires a doula, right?

It wasn't necessarily true then that only hippies hire doulas and it's certainly not the case today. Nowadays almost all of the births doulas attend are in hospitals and the women they serve are far from a ‘hippie’.

The women who hire doulas are women like you and I. They are modern, diverse, intelligent and up to date with the latest information. They have read or heard about the positive impact a doula can have and after careful thought hire one for their baby’s birth.

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Welcome to my blog!

Amelia Coleman

Welcome to my first blog post!

My name is Amelia Coleman and I am the proud owner of The Illawarra Doula.
I have always had an interest in pregnancy and childbirth. Even as a teenager I remember being fascinated with birth and not grossed out like some of my friends. As I got older and some of my friends started having children I continued to be intrigued and in awe of pregnancy and birth.

In 2009 I supported my best friend when she had her baby and found the experience pretty darn mind blowing. In the months leading up to the birth I took my support role seriously and read books and watched videos so that I could better prepare myself. I remember packing a bag of ‘tools’ that I thought would be essential to making her birth experience easier. You know what? That bag never even got opened! Now as I doula I know why, my best support was my heart, hands and voice. After her baby was born her midwife asked me “have you attended a birth before because you were great!” I wish I had known then what a doula was and I might have considered training as one.

Instead I became a Primary School teacher and worked as teacher until I went on to have my own precious baby boy at Wollongong Hospital. I was fortunate enough to go through the Midwifery Group Practice. We are so lucky here in the Illawarra to have a wide variety of excellent care provider options. Aside from the MGP we have some great obstetricians (some of whom have delivered generations of the same family!) and fantastic independent midwives. In 2011 my family and I moved to Perth for a few years. While there I had another baby boy and started my Birth Doula training through Childbirth International. I continued to provide support to women during their births and postpartum time as well. In 2014 we decided it was time to move back to the Illawarra. We are so thrilled to be living here again. The lifestyle, the community, the beaches and the vibrancy of the Wollongong area is amazing. We are so excited to raise our children here and never leave the awesomeness of the Illawarra!

I am so excited about working as doula here and being able to support families in the Illawarra area. I am passionate about providing quality care and support. My goal as a doula is for my clients to be able to honestly say "I loved my baby's birth!"

Stay tuned for more blog posts in the near future x