I can be contacted anytime by filling out the form below or emailing info@theillawarradoula.com.au

During business hours I can be contacted on 0416 180 207. If I miss your call please leave a message and I will call you back within 48 hours

So that I can provide a high level of support I only take on a limited number of clients each month. This means I book out quickly so if you are thinking about hiring me as your doula please contact me as soon as possible

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Amelia Coleman Birth Doula


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Hi! I'm Amelia Coleman, a certified Birth Doula and the owner of The Illawarra Doula.
I love working as a doula, I get to witness families grow and support them on their journey. Its a good thing I love my job so much because it often gets me out of bed at 3am! I have a passion for learning about all things pregnancy and birth related so that I can provide clients with up to date unbiased information and support.

My interest in childbirth was sparked when I was asked to support my best friend when she had her first child in 2009. It was such an amazing experience to be able to help her and I briefly contemplated studying midwifery. I decided that the medical side of antenatal care and childbirth was not for me and went on to become a primary school teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed working as a teacher and only stopped teaching to have my own children in 2010.

After having my first child I became aware of what a doula is and had my Aha! moment.
That is exactly what I wanted to do!

In 2014 I trained as a birth doula with Childbirth International. We have access to top notch medical care during pregnancy and birth in Australia but having unconditional top notch emotional and physical support is often missing. That’s where I come in. I give my clients a safe place to talk and plan for their upcoming births. I help people to find their own voice and strength.

I instill confidence so that as the big day draws near you feel excited and prepared to meet your baby.

I live just south of Wollongong and am within a 20 minute drive of both Wollongong Hospitals.

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my two gorgeous sons and amazing husband. I can usually be found spending way too much time on Facebook and Instagram or playing music loudly and annoying my family. My Monday nights are devoted to Game of Thrones and then spending the next week waiting for the next episode. I have a talent for remembering every song lyric ever recorded and movie quotes which is not nearly as useful as it sounds!

Childbirth classes also available